• Core Tray
    Core Tray
    Our Core trays, Used by Drilling, Construction, Mining and Research Facilities, are Obtained from Recycled Products.
  • Polyethylene Group
    Polyethylene Group
    Polyethylenes are thermoplastics. It is frequently preferred in many products such as containers, kitchenware, insulating materials of cables.
  • Eco-Friendly Plastic Products Pet Flake
    Eco-Friendly Plastic Products Pet Flake
    Plastic Granules Obtained by Processing Petroleum, Prepared for Recycling.

Value Nature!

We contribute to sustainability by using recyclable plastic raw materials in our production...


Scrapo Plastic

Who are we ?

Scrapo Plastik is an innovative and visionary company engaged in the import-export of plastic scrap trade and mining equipment industry.

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As Scrapo Plastic

Our Mission

 We know that production is the most valuable capital and we act with the mission that the welfare level of societies depends on the power of production. Modernized recycling...

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Scrapo Plastic Industry

Our Vision

We have the vision of continuity of development by acting in accordance with technological developments and adding every new information to our experience.

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Scrapo Plastic Industry

We Give Importance to R&D Investments

We always aim high in the production of quality products by always increasing our investment in R&D activities.

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Scrapo Plastic


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